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It has been 5 years since the idea of the NESEDA chair originated. The extraordinary chair that had the courage to change the standards of the working environment and overcome the habit of long-term sitting. We want to celebrate our anniversary with you and bring you something, we never did before.

Dedicated to the 5th anniversary.


Uncompromisingly beautiful.

What happens when you combine functional design with beautiful and luxurious materials? We present a completely new class of chair, which has never been done before. Innovative, rare and this time improved by the most important thing - your name tag.

Personalized for you.

Our bronze & gold labels with applied black colour match the cherry and walnut backrest effortlessly. The handmade labels are designed with the intention to bring you the most unique feel. Thanks to the label, the chair becomes a beautiful gift or Your jewel.

Elegant aesthetics.

Beautiful oiled backrests made of solid walnut wood (blue lining) or cherry wood (orange lining) will enchant you not only at first sight.

Highly durable.

Despite the fact that the limited edition deluxe is our jewel, the luxury materials used are highly durable. It is no coincidence that you will find the cover from the Alcantara brand not only in expensive cars, but also on our chair NESEDA.

Exclusive handmade production.

The ultimate experience begins with the very first sight of the NESEDA deluxe chair. Alcantara, beautiful walnut or cherry wood, engraved chair number and your name. All this is done with a touch of handmade production, which guarantees the rarity of every chair.

And the best is...

It is individual, unique AND still functional. NESEDA deluxe will also allow you to change all 5 positions of sitting, protect your health and help you prevent unnecessary complications that happens from prolonged sitting. Just don't be afraid to use it fully.

With love.

Team neseda

We believe, that NESEDA limited edition, is going to be a long-term, , innovative, practical and unique gift or your jewel.

The number of sales is narrowly limited to 45 unique chairs. Your chair number will be engraved next to your name in order.

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