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1499,00 € with DPH

Limited edition dedicated to the 5th anniversary of our chair NESEDA

We combined functional design with beautiful and luxurious materials, thanks to which a completely new class of chair was created. This has never been here before. Innovative, rare and this time improved by the most important thing – your name tag.

No. 01-45.







Walnut backrest with black label & blue lining

Cherry backrest with bronze label & red lining

Your billing details

Information about the order reservation

Your personalised text is going to be engraved on a label, which will be located on the back of the backrest. The cherry variant has a bronze label with black engraving. The walnut variant has a black label with the gold engraving. The number of sales is narrowly limited to 45 unique chairs. Your chair number will be engraved next to your name according to the order. PLEASE WRITE IN THE “ORDER NOTE” the text you want to engrave on your label . The description is up to you. For example, you can choose a first name, first name with last name, initials, or nickname. We will send you the example of your label before the actual engraving in the graphic design format for your approval. After you send us your reservation details , we are going to send you the non-binding invoice where we include based on Your country the exact delivery price.

Expected delivery time: we will do our best to deliver our chair before the Christmas :)  The weight of the chair is 17 kg. The maximum load/limit of the chair is 120 kg and the ideal height of the sitting person is up to 190 cm.

For more details about the product visit the Overview, information about the Sitting positions.

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