Healthy sitting is not the same thing as comfortable sitting

Ergonomics is a science that helps us understand how to sit in a geometrically correct position. However, the problem is elsewhere. We don’t want to sit longer in the correct position.

We need to “nourish” our body with regular movement; otherwise it becomes dysfunctional. We can only damage our own body once and live with the consequences for the rest of our lives. And we want to prevent it from happening at all costs. How?

The only solution is to start thinking about how to introduce a movement culture into our workplace. This means creating an active environment where it is common and normal to move lightly during work, alternate between the sitting and standing positions, and have items around us that allow us to move in no-extra-time.
The longer we work in an environment that is poor in movement, the deeper our physical degeneration.

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Aktívny homeoffice
Aktívny homeoffice

An active home office is the solution

Our body needs a change. Comfortable sitting causes laziness, unproductiveness, loss of important muscle tone and, what’s worse, shortening of many important muscles and tendons (especially around the pelvis and thighs). It supports our comfort zone and deepens unwanted physical degeneration. A healthy sitting or standing is something completely different. The “healthy” component especially supports change, dynamism and encourages all-day movement. Precisely that’s why the healthiest sitting position is the next one.

See how we tackle the issue of standing/sitting. We have created unique chairs and kneeling chairs that allow you to alternate between more than 10 sitting and standing positions while working. However, having such options at hand at work or in your home office is not enough. You need to start using them correctly and regularly.

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Aktívny homeoffice

How to build a movement culture in the workplace or home office?

Movement should not be equated to training/exercise. Our body needs a certain minimum amount of movement (walking, stairs, hanging, hand walking, squatting, etc.). If it doesn’t get this dose, you can’t catch up on it even with hard training, and certainly not with the weekend “battles” in popular races. It only increases the chance of getting hurt. However, with regular doses of movement, we not only strengthen our body, but also heal it.

Building a movement culture in the workplace or home office is essential for all those who are not indifferent to their health. It is essential to have a bar, rings or parallel bars in the workplace. But these items are not enough by themselves. We need to use them (approach) and we also need to know how (methodology). Get inspired by our lectures and bring about a positive change not only in your company (live), but also home office (live stream).

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Aktívny homeoffice

Why active sitting?

The different sitting positions respect the nature of our body to remain active even during work. There is a vast difference between comfortable and healthy sitting.

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The basics of healthy sitting?

You can also sit comfortably on the Neseda Chair. However, it was not designed for comfortable sitting. Its job is to allow you to switch between the different sitting positions during the working day to stay active and productive. Comfortable sitting leads to passivity, weakening of the mind and loss of muscle tone. Important muscles shorten, and after 10 to 20 years of sitting in one geometric position, our body physically degenerates.

How do we prevent it from happening? Quite simply, by movement in no-extra-time. Thanks to its unique design and multifunctional mechanism, our Neseda Chair allows you to switch between several sitting positions.

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What sitting positions?

Stay active and alternate between the sitting positions that the Neseda Chair provides. When you maintain your muscle tone, you can also eliminate some muscle imbalances. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of certain sitting positions on the Neseda Chair:

Why active standing?

We distinguish two basic positions in which we can perform work. When sitting, we are at a height of a sitting person. When standing, our head is roughly half a meter higher. What if you could alternate between the different sitting positions and maintain the height of a standing person? We present to you a new innovation in the field of active standing – the unique Neseda Kneeling Chair.

How to stand healthier at work?

While the Neseda Chair solves the challenges associated with active sitting, the Neseda Kneeling Chair tackles the issue of active standing. This unique product is intended for all who want to – or have to – do their work in the standing position.

The timeless design of the kneeling chair has little to do with image, but rather with function. Thanks to our kneeling chair, you can now alternate between completely new active positions. All it takes is a height-adjustable desk.

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The standing positions

To work while standing and remain physically active. Now possible thanks to the unique Neseda Kneeling Chair. Look at all the interesting positions you can use at work on the Neseda Kneeling Chair:

What do “no-extra-time” physical activities mean in practice?

Do you work in an environment that underestimates the importance of physical movement? The movement culture can be one of the best investments your inner wealth and the inner wealth of your colleagues.

“No-extra-time” is one of the most important concepts you can adopt. It restores your health, and, as a preventive measure, it won’t allow you to further damage it. This phenomenon is termed “Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis” (NEAT) in expert literature, and it allows you to burn 500 to 1000 extra calories per day during work. But that’s not all. What does it entail in practice?


1. Be active while working

Alternate the sitting and standing positions. Climbing stairs, walking, hanging and more are all NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).


2. Build an active work environment

The movement culture begins the day you get simple exercise equipment such as a barbell, rings and a stick, and start using it during work hours.

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3. Inspire those around you

Someone has to be the first and a little “weird”. It is you who can introduce a culture of exercise among your colleagues, improve their health and boost their productivity. All you have to do is buy the Neseda Chair or Kneeling Chair and steal the show!

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