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Pomôžu mi produkty Neseda so zdravotnými problémami?

Neseda (or Neseda, j.s.a.) is a Slovak company whose goal is to create an environment that supports movement during working hours. This is important because we live in an environment that is poor in movement and in such an environment, human beings easily lose health. Therefore, we do not sell products, but create an environment rich in movement. That is our main mission.

To create an environment rich in movement, we offer our own products such as: Neseda Chair, Neseda Kneeler, Neseda adjustable table, Neseda Movement Kit and Neseda Movement Cowork Kit.

The Neseda chair (a product for dynamic seating) is also the first and iconic product of our company, which was created in 2015 and the first pieces were sold in 2017.

We didn’t design another chair that you normally know. We have included features that allow you to introduce active movement into your work.
We asked ourselves what sitting positions help us compensate for the strain of sitting all day while working. We started from the principle that no sitting position is healthy. The healthiest is the following position, which comes after 20 or 50 minutes of sitting.
And when we finished the selection of suitable sitting positions, we looked for the right design that would allow us to implement these sitting positions in practice. And so the Neseda chair was created, which is a symbol of the active lifestyle of responsible people who do not want to lose their health (deconditioning, imbalances, degeneration) during sedentary work. This resulted in a product that allows you to actively change sitting positions while working, which has a positive effect on your health, creativity and overall productivity.

Any Neseda chair will fulfill its mission, for which (active seating is intended, health conservation ). It’s just a matter of your style and willingness to pay for more premium materials. Here are the basic differences in the model lines of Neseda chairs:


  • Chair Neseda STANDARD: has a simpler design and a more modest color selection ( black / anthracite). However, the materials used for the upholstery are as high quality as for the Premium chair. The chair has a simplified back made of beautiful, double-bent plywood. Compared to the Prémium version, it has an otherwise shaped seat, which is divided into two halves and in the middle is a large, airy space for people who need it for health reasons (hemorrhoids, sensitive or damaged coccyx, other). In addition, the Neseda Standard chair has a added bonus in that the backrest can be adjusted in height in a 5 centimeter range so that the center of the backrest supports your cross (lumbal) area well.  


  • Chair Neseda PREMIUM: offers a combination of beautiful and premium materials that will please not only the function but also the view. Workers made of materials such as oak or real carbon are not only beautiful, but also exclusive in the chair segment. The shape of the backrest is beautiful in itself and in the design of wood or carbon it increases in our eyes the value of what we consider to be a premium chair. However, functionality is paramount, although the experience of leaning on the back of a Neseda Premium chair is also without compromise. The seat is functionally shaped and provides up to 6 color options to choose from ( red, turquoise blue, yellow, green, black and gray ). Thanks to its premium design, it is ideally suited to any company or homeoffic. It is a design gem that you can adapt to your requirements.


  • Neseda DELUXE chair: is our fulfilled dream, which is inspired by the automotive sector. This is our definition of luxury without loss of functionality. The massive backrest made of walnut or cherry wood is complemented by alcantara upholstery, which we consider to be one of the most beautiful materials in the world. Contrasting stitching (orech = blue, cherry = orange ) increases the enjoyment of looking at the Deluxe version of these Neseda chairs. Such a beautifully crafted chair is suitable for people who suffer to make a big impression of everything that comes with it.  

All Neseda chairs are supplied on gliders (1), with locking wheels (2) and ordinary wheels (3).
It is up to you to choose for everyday use. Gliders are suitable if the chair is used more statically and you want to do compensatory positions on the chair such as deep squat, high kneel and more. However, gliders can leave muzzles and other traces on the floor ( depending on the surface ).
The orientation wheels work the other way around, like conventional wheels. When you sit on a chair and the wheels are loaded, it is difficult to move from the place with them. Conventional wheels are comfortable to move, but the least safe if you often want to change positions on a Neseda chair.  

The Neseda chair is made of premium materials. The seat substance is used in the automotive industry and can withstand one hundred thousand oder (mantindels).
The backrests are made of various materials ( plywood, solid milled wood, carbon ) and are characterized by high resistance not only to abrasion but also to structural damage. We can claim that they are almost non-injurious by normal use. Several elements of the Neseda chair are made of structural atested steel, which also carries the tractor ( powder coating ).
Mechanical parts such as cross, piston, wheels or mechanics are purchased from renowned dodoators and these are parts that are used as standard in the office industry. According to the law, we should give a two-year warranty on Neseda products, but we stand for our quality and provide a guarantee for Neseda products for three years.  

The Neseda chair is suitable for active seating, it is more mobile and suitable for people who are actively sitting during working hours. Each of us is used to ordinary sitting, but active sitting is a shift towards health and vitality. Active sitting alone for full health is not enough.  

The Neseda kneel is more suitable for those who like to take turns standing with sitting. It is suitable for those who need both dynamism and function. The main difference between a chair and a kneel is that when sitting, your head is low, when kneeling on a Neseda kneel, your head is always at the height of a standing person. Other kneeling machines that you remember from the 90’s were designed as an alternative to a chair, and therefore your head was always at the height of a seated person. In short: the Neseda chair solves the challenge of active sitting, the Neseda kneel solves the problem of active standing. The combination of a height-adjustable table and both of these products is ideal: Neseda chairs with a Neseda knob.  

Thanks to the positionable table, it is possible to rotate during working hours of active seating and active standing, especially if you use our Neseda products. The ability to optimally adjust the height of a table is one of the basic prerequisites for a healthier work environment. The incorrect position of the monitor affects the position of the neck, rushing and supporting the emergence of unwanted deformities or disbalances. Our Neseda table has not only height-adjustable functions but also a timer (timer), which you can freely set and remember that the time has come to change the position of the active standing or sitting.  

The Neseda kneeling chair together with the height-adjustable table offer the widest range of active movement during working hours. With them, you can carry out different types of sitting, kneeling and standing at the same time. The combination of the Neseda height-adjustable table, the Neseda kneeling chair and the Neseda chair is the ideal choice for people who are interested in a movement-rich environment because they do not want to lose their precious and hard-built health while working.  

The Comfort kneel version is more robust and spacious. It has a much higher design weight (40kg) and is more suitable for the home environment (home office). It will suit everyone who has a delicious view of nice and quality materials (wood, metal, leatherette ). The Comfort version also has a higher load capacity ( up to 120kg).  

The Mini version is more compact and minimalist. It is significantly lighter (25kg), easy to handle and therefore more suitable for the corporate environment or for customer service operations. It has fewer materials and therefore a lower load capacity ( up to 100kg). The design of the Mini version is just as interesting and based on the design of the Comfort version. Some positions are limited or unavailable on the Mini kneel ( for example deep squat or decompression position ).  

Neseda products ( for example, chairs / kneels ) and their parts are developed and manufactured in Slovakia ( some parts also in Bohemia ). Standard mechanical parts ( pistons, mechanics, shock absorbers, wheels ) are commonly available on the market and we buy them from quality suppliers. We invest a lot of time and money in the development and testing of our products and select honest materials that have a long lifespan. The price of our products takes into account the development, manual production, folding, logistics and work of all participating team (nashich and external ). make “hardware” products in today’s world are an extremely challenging task for production, logistics, editing marketing or cash flow. By buying our products, you do not fill the pockets of anonymous and voracious investors, but you help to build a culture of movement with us in our country, where people do not lose health during work.

You can also come and try all Neseda products in person at our Bratislava showroom in Squarebizz Business Center. Book now with us a short presentation of our products in Squarebizz.

You can also come to try Neseda products in HubHub Nivy Tower Bratislava.

Book now with us a short presentation of our products in HubHube.

In our web section you will also find information about other possible showrooms in Slovakia or in Bohemia.

Neseda products (chairs and kneels ) can be borrowed according to the rules of our rental company ( see section ). This allows you to test in your work or home environment whether our products are suitable for you and meet your expectations. Unfortunately, this only applies to the Slovak market.  

We can deliver Neseda products to the whole world. For delivery outside the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, please contact us individually. Within the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, we pay for transport. Outside the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic We deliver the chair, table and Movement Kit spread out, in compact boxes. Products packaged in this way must be folded self-help. We provide instructions for the composition.

We manufacture Neseda products in various designs. If you are interested in taking more of our products, we can tailor our products to measure. If you are interested in ours, please contact us in this matter.  

It is behind the development of products in the Neseda project PaedDr. Vlado Zlatoš, PhD. , which is devoted to movement, quantification of health and sustainable life. He is a co-founder and owner of the Neseda project, which he perceives as a robust platform through which it is possible to spread the enlightenment of health and culture of movement, which is so much lacking in our country. While in other projects it focuses on different groups of the population and different challenges, in the Neseda project it aims to help build the working population health and healthy habits.

The Neseda chair was tested in a furniture rehearsal room at the Faculty of Forestry and Timber of Mendel University in Brno (protocol number N-007-17). Therefore, the Neseda chair meets all the requirements associated with the European standards for testing office furniture, namely STN EN 1335, despite the fact that the law does not impose this obligation on us.

We always have a few variants of Neseda products to choose from, and we try to make them as flexible as possible.
However, in the case of interest in the personalization of products, such as corporate identity colors or exclusive materials/limited editions, it is possible to communicate with us individually.

Please contact us at erik.danko@neseda.com