Healthy office: 10 tips (not only) for small business owners

We spend most of our time at work. This means that healthy work environment is important not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of employee health and well-being. So how can you and your employees keep fit at work? Read our tips on how to work productively and stay in shape no matter if you are the only one in your office or if you manage a team of 2 or 10 people.


An obvious, though often forgotten element. Encourage your employees to go and do sports or exercise. You don’t have to worry about gym memberships just yet, simply start with body-weight workouts at your workplace. Working out together as a team will improve overall atmosphere and cooperation.


Mobility tools

Lacrosse balls, resistance bands, kettlebells and foam rollers are small, inexpensive and practical tools that can work miracles with muscle tension. Your muscles will relax and blood circulation will improve in just a few minutes. Mobility tools should be an integral part of any (healthy) office.

Kitchenette and food

A healthy office should include a kitchenette where employees can prepare and store food. Keep handy some “healthy” snacks that can really help restore your energy and boost creative thinking, like nuts, chocolate with a high content of cocoa, functional drinks, protein bars and of course, coffee, which should be of high quality.


Pull-up bar or rings

Hanging from a pull-up bar or gym rings for a few minutes a day stretches your arms and shoulders, improves your posture and blood circulation. That’s why many offices have opted for these tools. Sitting at a computer strains and puts pressure on your spine, that’s why it deserves to relax.


Chillout zone

We all need a place to relax. Create a chill out zone in your office where special rules apply – no work, no phone calls, no emails. Nothing but silence and a comfortable chair or bean bag. Just ten minutes will help you recharge your batteries, reduce stress and give you plenty of energy to continue working.


Proper chair

We spend most of our days sitting at work, that’s why we should do it in the healthiest way possible. A proper chair should enable you to alternate between several positions. When choosing chairs for your office, remember that they should allow the body to swift positions. An example of a flexible and movement-stimulating chair is neseda produced in Slovakia.


Better lighting

The more natural light, the better. Spending your day in enclosed meeting rooms can take its toll. Daylight stimulates hormone production, keeps the brain alert and boosts energy. If you also work in the evenings, you should avoid rooms that are too bright. Try subtle dimmed lights that create a calm atmosphere.



Many companies have decided to install a shower in their office. In summer, taking a shower can be very refreshing and in winter, it helps to warm up the body and improves your blood circulation, immune system and hormone production. A quick shower can be more efficient than coffee and definitely much healthier than sweets and junk food. In addition, employees will be more likely to ride a bike, run or roller blade to work if they know that they can wash up. Remember, active employees are healthier, happier and more productive.


Work standing up

Mix up your day with both sitting and standing at work. Changing your positions regularly improves your muscular and skeletal system and blood circulation. Ideally, you should work sitting behind your desk for a while, then spend some time standing up, etc.. A great way to do so is to buy a height-adjustable standing desk, but you can also use a regular desk with an extension or have a bar table in the office.


Go barefoot

In a small company, we don’t have to act too official. Take off your shoes or stilettos and enjoy the wonderful feeling of walking barefoot. This strengthens your legs, the arches of your feet and improves your posture. This tiny change will help you avoid going home with tired feet.


You don’t have to start adopting all these measures at once. However, remember that a healthy workplace can significantly improve your colleagues’ health and work rhythm, boost their mood and encourage better teamwork. For example, you can start with the neseda chair.

This article was originally prepared for and published by the Sóda magazín in Slovak.

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