Neseda Chair Premium Laminate black 20% discount

We deliver the NESEDA chair within 7 to 14 days of ordering.

This chair is a combination of used parts and brand new parts. The chair has the following composition:

  • backrest carbon (second class)
  • structure connecting the backrest and the mechanism (new)
  • chair mechanics (new)
  • chair seat optional (new)
  • piston and cross chair (new)
  • chair wheels and gliders (used)


Individual details and minor flaws in the quality of the bazaar chair:

  • backrest fault – scratched paint and bubbles in the paint

Personal collection of the chair is possible at Squarebizz Business Center Bory, Devínska Nová Ves, suite number: 7465 (building B) on weekdays between 9:00-16:30.


Na objednávku In stock -2ks You can have at home already in 14 to 21 days