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Možnosť požičaniaPossibility of borrowing

Neseda Chair Standard

We deliver the NESEDA chair within 7-14 days from the date of order.

For whom is the neseda standard

The STANDARD chair is one of our most popular products. It is an ideal compromise between simple design, price and comprehensive functions. STANDARD it has a minimalist backrest made of beautiful double-bent plywood, which significantly contributes to healthy lumbar support during your sitting. The seat has a simplified shape (two separate halves), which defines an airy central space that does not push you anywhere. You will appreciate this especially if your state of health requires gentler sitting (hemorrhoids, sensitive or damaged coccyx, etc.). The mechanism of the STANDARD chair has all the complex functions and settings as in the higher series of PREMIUM chairs. The upholstery of the STANDARD chair is made of a highly durable and easy-to-clean fabric with a choice of two colors (black / anthracite). A unique bonus of the STANDARD chair Is that the backrest can be height-adjusted within a 5-centimeter range to maximize healthy seating ergonomics according to the length of your spine. We recommend the STANDARD chair as your ideal partner for an active and healthy (all-day) session at a reasonable price.

In-person collection of the chair is possible at Železničná 1043, Stupava. When the chair is ready for pick up we will call you and arrange a pick up date together.

Max zaťaženie Max load
do 100 kg
Hmotnosť Weight
23 kg
Výška postavy Body height
do 190 cm

Rental conditions

  • Rental is available only in Slovak and Czech Republic
  • The trial rental period is 30 days from the date of delivery of the chair. We charge a loan fee of 50,-€ without VAT (transport within the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic is covered by us)
  • A one-off deposit of 250,-€ will be issued to you with a credit note when the chair is returned or deducted from the price of the chair if you decide to buy it back.
  • We will contact you by phone after the payment of the loan order to select a specific model. If you wish to know the available models in advance, please contact us by phone before ordering.
  • We do not extend the loan period.
  • Borrowed chairs can be bought back - we issue an individual quotation for them.
  • In case of redemption we will refund the rental fee of 50€.

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