How it all happened

In this post, you will learn more about the sequence of events that led to the creation of neseda up to its current version

It started with a blog post and an outline

On 8 June 2015, Vlado Zlatoš published a post on his blog entitled Let’s Change the Degenerative Culture of Work Environment, where he explained the degenerative impact of today’s work environment especially because we are forced to sit for hours, which might be a norm, but it is definitely not normal..

He explained why “ergonomic chairs” or exercise balls are not the solution. He added a few tips which we can all apply to alleviate negative impact of sitting all day. At the end of the post, he outlined his vision of an “ideal office chair”:

  • it should not be too comfortable for long periods of sitting, it should force you to move
  • it should not be uncomfortable either, so that you can focus on work
  • you can sit on it in a kneeling position, with your legs crossed or in a deep squat
  • it is fully adjustable, it will adapt to you and not vice versa

Vlado added that at least he would need such a chair and if anyone could help him construct it, he or she should get in touch.

Then a series of events unfolded

People started to discuss the article.

  • “What a great idea, I’m intuitively switching between positions anyway”
  • “A chair on a spring did not solve my problem”
  • “I sit on a box, but I would like to have this chair”

Vlado saw that he was not the only one dealing with this issue. One of the people who became enthusiastic about finding a solution to the problem was Michal Truban , entrepreneur (at that time CEO at Websupport) and an active triathlete.

Michal realized that he too had to spend a lot of time in front of a computer, that his chair was not suitable and from the sports perspective, he could use more movement (a coach told him that although he trained like a pro, he was regenerating like an amateur, so it doesn’t make any sense to spend so much time training if he spends 8 hours a day sitting and lets his muscles become flabby and shortened).

Vlado and Michal talked over lunch and started to look for a solution. I still remember (and I would probably find the post if I kept scrolling long enough) that in 2015, Michal Truban looked for someone who could construct a tailor-made chair in a facebook status.

As I had read Vlado’s article outlining a perfect chair and his wish to find someone who could help him construct it, I commented on Michal’s facebook post by saying something like “Call Vlado Zlatoš, I know he is/was looking for such person as well”, to which Michal replied “Yep, it’s the same project” ????

Fast forward to the future

In 2015, Michal and Vlado really did find someone who could help them build the first prototype based on their requirements. They also created the name neseda, they made a plan that production will start with 100 pieces and that the following version would be equipped with sensors and an app that would collect data on your sitting habits and if enabled, it would send you an alert to change positions. In 2016, Michal and Vlado were contacted by a professional design studio Werkemotion, whose team was genuinely interested in the idea and thought they could create a much more sophisticated design.

After tremendous improvements in the design, testing of several manufacturers of individual parts started. This brings us to 2017, when the first neseda as we know it today was constructed. In summer 2017, the first hundred chairs were put on the market.

It may seem like a lot of time passed from the initial idea until its realization, but during the 2 years, so much work was done to make sure that our first clients got neseda of the quality it is today (for example, selection of fabric and stitching took a long time and it was precisely the quality of fabric and stitching that attracted Šimon Šicko, CEO at Pixel Federation, who is now one of our clients.

We started as a startup with a wish to grow organically and gradually, and this is how we operate – we don’t spend money that we don’t have, we focus on high-quality products and our clients, we didn’t hire ad agencies that would promote us.

Most clients contact us because they agree with the general vision, i.e. neseda’s philosophy. This helps us avoid complaints made by disappointed clients who bought the product because of advertising. Our clients have become our ambassadors and help us spread the change.

And what is our today’s situation? we would be glad, if you follow us on Instagram and observe our exciting journey :)

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