Let’s create a healthy working environment together

You’re probably sitting right now. We sit at work, in cars and while relaxing. We sit too much and it has consequences. Find out why an environment rich in movement will prevent most of the health complications of today’s modern age.

To sit or not to sit?
That’s not the question…

The healthiest sitting position is the next one. We have created a unique product that allows you to change sitting positions regularly. The Neseda chair is not about ergonomics or healthy sitting. Neseda provides a way to stay active even in sedentary work.

Thanks to the Neseda Chair, you can experience new exercise opportunities in your home office or at work, and stay active! Why? Because movement nourishes our body and is an essential precondition for staying healthy.

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Healthy Standing

Active standing like
no other

The Neseda kneeling Chair is a unique product that solves the challenge associated with active standing for those of you who have to do your work standing up.

Beautiful oak plywood, structural steel in a matt color and a variety of positions for active standing that will impress you. Flexible and stable, what more can you add? It’s just that it was invented and made in Slovakia…

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Healthy Standing

An environment rich in movement right at the workplace?

We present to you Neseda WorkSpace, with which you can change your work environment to be proactive and healthy. Thanks to this, you can move even during work in “no-extra-time”, prevent physical degeneration and burn hundreds of calories right during work. Do not go to training, let the fitko come directly to work for you.

Building an environment rich in movement right at the workplace saves all future costs associated with taking care of the (ill)health of the employee. Why? Because the transaction costs associated with its absence, non-productivity or perhaps complete replacement are very high in the medium or long term.

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the right one for you


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No Extra Time movement activities

Do you work in an environment that underestimates the importance of physical movement and forces your body into the “risk zone” every day?

Did you know that thanks to the so-called no-extra-time movement (not training) you can burn up to 500-2000 kcal every day at work? It is the number one priority for the management of health and optimum weight. Why?

Measure the quality of health in your work environment and get free feedback.


1. Be active while working

Alternate the sitting and standing positions. Climbing stairs, walking, hanging and more are all NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).


2. Build an active work environment

The movement culture begins the day you get simple exercise equipment such as a barbell, rings and a stick, and start using it during work hours.

neseda star

3. Inspire those around you

Someone has to be the first and a little “weird”. It is you who can introduce a culture of exercise among your colleagues, improve their health and boost their productivity. All you have to do is buy the Neseda Chair or Kneeling Chair and steal the show!

We’ll help you introduce the movement and health culture at home (homeoffice) or at work (office)

Igor Tóth

"The balance between mental and psychological health is very important. It gives a person balance," explains Igor Tóth while lifting himself up on rings right in the O2 headquarters...

František Ivanko

I am not the type of person who would use a chair because of health problems. However, when sitting in a regular office chair, I often feel discomfort after sitting for a long time...


My favorite position,
which is not possible without chairs. For example when I test my students, I take this position...


Frequent and natural change of sitting position helps me during long hours at the desk...

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Practical and functional with extra backrest height adjustment.

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Neseda Chair Deluxe

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Unique and luxurious with exclusive wood and alcantara materials