keep moving while working

We all sit often and for long time 

It’s common but neither normal,

not healthy.

Freedom & movement

With neseda you work and sit as free as you like.

Whenever you need, you switch the position to the next one.

You enjoy movement for no-extra-time directly at your desk.

  •  At least 5 sitting positions
  •  Goes well with standing dest
  •  Unique stability

Design & quality

Go for something extra. Functional and aesthetic design of neseda is a unique element on the market.

Slovak premium handywork, precision workmanship and premium matieral are the quality guarantee of neseda.

  •  Premium material
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Hand-made core elements
  •  Three years warranty

Work and sit your way

Setup for your body

Setup mechanics enable broad options, thanks to which your body always finds new ways to sit.

You chose, whether to want to move your neseda around or keep it steady. Wheels and fixed stands come in the package.

  •  Three fixed positions of backrest
  •  Adjustable backrest force
  •  Seat adjustable front and back

Vivid colors

Ford offered you any color of the car, given it was black. We used to think so until now.

The time has come and today you can chose out of six basic colors for standard price. More options come soon.

Take the leap forward